Employment situation of Intelligent transportation industry2014

 The 5th ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) Conference of China and the 3rd Shenzhen International Intelligent Transportation System and Location Based Service Expo will hold a large-scale recruitment event during June 10th to 12th at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 9. Currently, more than thirty industry leaders will attend and hundreds of jobs opportunity will be provided.

 The recruitment fair consists of various famous enterprises, such as Shenzhen SEG Navigation Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou laborers Information Co., Ltd., Shenzhen YeeFung Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen JiaxinJie Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Kedar Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. Shenzhen ZYT Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen promising Information Technology development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Buddy Tektronix Electronics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Bo Yuan traffic Facilities Co.,etc.
 In addition to the well participation of various enterprises, the positions offered during the event are fruitful. For example, Guangzhou laborers Software Limited offers dozens of positions during the event, such as senior Andriod, C + + and JAVA Development Engineer, which shows a strong vitality of the enterprise. Shenzhen ICARVISIONS Technology CO., Ltd. is recruiting overseas sales meanwhile Shenzhen Jingfeng Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. Jing Feng Ying is recruiting sales assistants in English and Japanese, which indicates their aggressive business strategies among overseas markets. As to Pok intelligent network Technology Co., Ltd., in order to develop a wider market in the future, position of smart city manager is wanted for the purpose of targeting at the IOT (internet of things) and the development pattern of Smart city.
The position recruitments mainly focus on technical talents and marketing personnel while the demand for software development professionals is rising. Most enterprises have raised similar demands for technical personnel who proficient in C, C + + language, ARM development platform, Linux systems, http://info.secu.hc360.com/list/news_product.shtml audio and video protocols programming, Struts2/Spring/Hibernate/Ajax frameworks application; html, javascript writing capability and great AJAX technology works understanding, etc. In terms of marketing, the increasing demand of project-based sales personnel also reflects the recent marketing changes of ITS Intelligent Transportation enterprises, from equipment sales to project-based sales.
This activity is held by Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Industry Association for the aims of talent exchanges and communication, which provide aprofessional job recruitment platform for majority of job seekers as well as intelligent transportation enterprises. This event alliance with the domestic high-end talent exchange portal------China HR, based on the principle of serving the community, serving the industry and win-win public service policy, in order to create a unique industry-wide human resource exchange activity. Association aims to help industry professionals achieve their dreams and fulfill the need of recruiting elites for enterprises. For now, we specially invite the majority of the intelligent transportation industry practitioners and people who highly interest in participate in the industry is welcome to join the event. Please contact us with following methodsTel: 0755-88309106, resume and business needs:itsshenzhen@163.com.