Company: Jiangxi Wannianxin Micro-Electronics Co.,LTD
Range Category: Traffic Information Collection,Intelligent Parking Management,Vehicle Identification Number recognition system,Car networking Intelligent Terminal,LBS Navigation Equipment,Electronic map,Data Analysis and Management,Scheduling Management Platform,Mobile Law Enforcement Terminal
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Booth Number: 4B85
Contact address: (North of Jianshe Road、South of Jianyuan Road)Fengshou Industrial Park, Wannian high tech Industrial Zone, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province
company phone: 0973-3857618
Company Introduction:
Jiangxi Wannianxin was established in February 2017, mainly engaged in the packaging and testing of 4-12 inch semiconductor integrated circuits, the packaging and testing of large-capacity flash memory chips, and the R&D and manufacturing of sensor products;
In recent years, the company has continued to devote itself to the research and development of new products, relying on the cooperation of universities and constantly introducing professional talents, continuously expanding the scale of the industry, and rapidly improving the technical level. Through the integration of resources, we will constantly improve the layout of industrial development, and strive to develop the company into a well-known integrated circuit R&D and manufacturing enterprise at home and abroad, and help China\'s integrated circuit development.