Company: Guangzhou Keling Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Intelligent Parking Management,Vehicle Identification Number recognition system,Traffic Signal Control,Data Analysis and Management,Overrun Detection System,Police Equipment
Products info:Vehicle Plate Recognition Bumper System, Mobile Under Vehicle Inspection System, Fully Automated Collision Avoidance System
Booth Number: 4C93
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company phone: +86-20-85541312
Company Introduction:
Guangzhou Keling Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional security company with scientific research, production, engineering and technical consulting, and is a \"high-tech enterprise\" in Guangdong Province. The company focuses on the research and development and production of security products at entrances and exits, providing the most high-quality, reasonable system design and products for the majority of users. The company\'s first \"Ling Shield\" brand \"entrance/exit security integrated management system\" (including central control system, anti-collision wall/post, under the car camera system, license plate recognition system, etc.), widely used in various government agencies, airports, military bases, prisons and other important areas. Fully recognized and affirmed by the majority of customers, it is a set of domestic and foreign leading import and export security management integrated system, the system has a number of technical patents, software copyright and other intellectual property rights.