Company: Seemmo Technology Limited.
Range Category: Vehicle Identification Number recognition system
Products info:SEEMMO has a full range of product lines from cloud to end, including algorithm services, intelligent hardware, intelligent modules, big data platforms and empowers public security, transportation, security, energy, education, government and other industries.
Booth Number: 3B76
Contact address:
company phone: 010-82834786
Company Introduction:
Beijing Seemmo Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Beijing Intedio Technology Co., Ltd.) was established in 2012. It is a high-tech enterprise founded by entrepreneurs, investors and overseas returned experts. It focuses on artificial intelligence, machine vision, etc. Seemmo possesses a number of international advanced independent core algorithms and invention patents.
Seemmo Technology adheres to independent research and development as well as technological innovation. It proposed \\\\\\\"vehicle face\\\\\\\" recognition technology firstly in the world. Using deep learning technology, Seemmo Technology was the pioneer among the industry to launch a series of products included \\\\\\\"vehicle face\\\\\\\" recognition and video structure. Those products have been widely used in public security, customs and other fields, achieved good economy efficiency and social benefits. Based on security, Seemmo Technology expands its application fields into customs, border, finance and transportation etc., and expands its business scope to oversea markets, hoping Chines technology served around world.