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Products info:Fog penetration systems
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Company Introduction:
(Kemi Group) Shenzhen Leke Integrated Circuit Co. Ltd. is a intergrated high-tech company, which is specialized in R&D, production, sales and service. Based on independent core technology, Leke is committed to the research and development of products in such fields as smart equipment, security equipment, and financial equipment. The Kemi R&D team is including severa lnational key discipline scientists, doctoral supervisors, doctors, and graduate students. We focus on providing customers with an overall solution for smart terminals.
The fog penetration system independently designed and developed by Leke, which use the intelligent computing system and the transmission system to achieve no time difference scenario reproduction by processing the original signal of the smart camera system, and to achieve clear and identifiable images in the frog state.
Through the fog penetrating system, the effects can be achieved from invisible to visible and from not clear to clear.
The Fog penetration systems can be widely used in surveillance sites with poor environmental visibility. Such as: high point monitoring, forest fire prevention, ship/sea operations, roads, railways, airports, ports, border guards, squares, scenic spots, stations, large venues, community periphery and other places.
Now, the fog penetration system designed and developed by Leke has been applied to public security, meteorological, and maritime systems.