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Products info:Advanced Driving Assistant System
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Company Introduction:
Founded in 2007, Chengdu Emhes Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: Emhes) is a comprehensive solution provider of R&D, production, sales and service. It is headquartered in Tianfu Software Park, Chengdu High-tech Zone. The site has more than 2,300 square meters and has branches and offices in more than ten provinces including Beijing, Wuhan, Chongqing and Changsha. More than 100 employees, including R & D personnel accounted for more than 50%.

Over the years, Emhes has adhered to the technological independent innovation route and accumulated more than 170 independent intellectual property rights such as invention patents and software copyrights. At present, a rich and complete product line has been formed, which is widely used in many sub-sectors and can meet the customization needs of customers. The main product range includes: satellite positioning terminal, multimedia video monitoring terminal, vehicle network intelligent terminal, vehicle driving recorder and other vehicle terminal products; advanced driver assistance system; government supervision platform, enterprise management platform, vehicle networking big data platform and other software platforms; Two customer and one crisis, official vehicles, mucks, sanitation vehicles, school buses, taxis and other sub-industry solutions.

As the first national high-tech enterprise engaged in satellite positioning and on-board monitoring in China, Emhes has participated in the formulation of a number of national, industry and local standards, and has undertaken a number of national-level major technical research and development and industrial promotion, which is a multi-provincial city. Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Strategic Informationization of Traffic Information.

In 2018, Emhes and the world\'s largest active security technology provider mobileye reached a strategic cooperation, through technology and brand cooperation, to provide Chinese consumers with first-class localized active security products.

In the future, Emhes will continue to adhere to the values ​​of “customer first, integrity-based, quality service, and win-win cooperation” to provide customers with more professional and high-quality products and services, and work hard for people\'s safe travel.