Company: Dongguan Further Technology Company Limited
Range Category: Traffic Video Surveillance,Intelligent Parking Management,Traffic Signal Control
Products info:Car video recorder, automatic window breaker, automatic fire extinguisher, automatic emergency braking system, anti-fatigue driving system, lane departure warning system, unmanned ticketing system.
Booth Number: 3B65
Contact address:
company phone: 0769-87900280
Company Introduction:
Blessing zell technology is a professional engaged in: gb 7258, or 1094 standard in security products, car video recorder, automatic broken Windows, automatic fire extinguisher, automatic emergency braking system, anti fatigue driving system, lane departure warning system, automated collection system and public transport intelligent dispatching the tip of the high-tech products such as high-tech product research and development, the company set research and development, production, sales as one, the company won the Chinese double soft enterprise, high-tech enterprise in China, one of the ten famous brands in China security, China\\\'s ping an urban recommended brand, the credit enterprise of guangdong province of China, China\\\'s vice President of shenzhen security units. At the same time, it is the first Chinese company to have the national standard 7258, and the only research and development company for the security products of ministry standard 1094.
The products produced by the company are mainly used in vehicles with more than four wheels in the world, and the main division operates vehicles and private vehicles as well as government vehicles. At present the national passenger companies use the car video recorder and automatically broken Windows of most of our production, such as: dongguan each big bus company, shenzhen treasure way China, shenzhen security group, shenzhen win group, shenzhen ChangYun group, shenzhen new transportation group corporation, huizhou bus, huizhou, passenger transport company, zunyi bus, bus, gansu province, zhuzhou, bus group, huangshi bus, hubei daye bus, fujian nanping passenger bus group and so on each big company operation has been a success. The company\\\'s main body is in the industry:
In 2007 the first Chinese to SD card video recorder to market innovative enterprise, become China the pioneer automatically broken Windows of industry standards, from then on, China automotive safety pull open the prelude to the scientific management of the team.
In 2009, China was the first innovation company to introduce 3G mobile video recorder. The 3G remote technology makes vehicle safety management higher a step, thousands of thousands of miles, instantly in front of the eyes.
In 2010, China was the first innovation enterprise to bring the public transport passenger window into the market. The emergence of a one-second window escape has allowed passengers on more than four wheels in the world to have a quicker and more aggressive evacuation plan.
In 2013, China was the first to develop a new energy automatic window breaker excellent innovation enterprise.
In 2016, China was the first to implanting an unmanned ticketing machine in the passenger car market.
In 2017, the first company in China to use the school bus mobile detection safety inspection system into the school bus field, students no longer have the case of suffocating in the car.
In 1.6-7, 2017 in chongqing China operating vehicle safety technical conditions in China\\\'s national standard GB7258 revision workshops, and home of the national academy of general department and the ministry of public security and industry success will automatically broken Windows of implant national standards.
In 2017, China will be the first developer to fully possess the six systems of China national standard 7258.