Company: Anhui Yangzi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
Range Category: Car networking Intelligent Terminal
Products info:Yangzi intelligent robot
Booth Number: 8B38
Contact address: R & D building, No. 1682, Xi you road, Hefei hi tech Zone, Anhui
company phone: 13035061111
Company Introduction:
China Yangzi Group Co., Ltd., established in the early 1980 of the reform and opening up, is one of the first large state-owned enterprise groups across the region, cross industry and cross ownership in China. It is one of the fifteen key enterprise groups supported by the people\'s Government of Anhui province. In twenty-first Century, with the rapid development of information and Internet technology, cloud computing, big data and Internet of things have become the trend of development. Internet plus set off the global industry, is bound to bring a new round of the wave of entrepreneurship, with the real estate and the Internet of things to accelerate the integration of intelligent robot quietly into people\'s lives. Following the trend of the times and gaining insight into the industry, Yangzi Group set up Anhui Yangzi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2017 with a keen eye and a forward-looking layout. With the influence and brand awareness of Yangzi Group in various industries, Yangzi robot came into being and lit up your smart life with technology