Company: Shanghai HRSTEK Co.,Ltd.
Range Category: Police Equipment
Products info:EOD Robot
Booth Number: 8C62
Contact address:
company phone: 021-54733915
Company Introduction:
Shanghai HRSTEK Co., Ltd. is a high-tech business group that specializes in the development, production and sales of special robots, EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) robots and equipment for police use. The founders consist of doctors and post-doctors in fields of instrument science, robot, automatic control and computer. During the doctoral and post-doctoral period, the technical leaders are experienced in research and development of robots. The major development employees at least own the bachelor’s degree while the technical backbones are technical experts, post-doctors, doctors and postgraduates of relevant fields.

As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of robots and intelligent equipment, HRSTEK is equipped with its own core technology, several intellectual property rights and registered trademark. There are over 50 intellectual property rights of core technology licensing obtained by HRSTEK, including invention patents, patents for utility model, appearance patents, software copyrights and registered trademark. Service robot products, such as serialized EOD robots, scout robots, military robots and inspection robots, are independently developed, covering fields of EOD, fire control, military, industry and household. The products have the National Quality Inspection report and the inspection report of Ministry of Public Security. The company has great influence on China’ special equipment industry and major events, such as World Expo, Garden Expo and mine sweeping actions at China-Vietnam border. Furthermore, the products have been applied to various places, such as Bureaus of Public Security, Fire Bureaus, scientific research institutes, troops and weapon groups in various cities, and have been exported to other countries. The company owns a perfect management system and excellent development group, enabling the company to provide customized service, long-term technical service, repair and maintenance service for clients.