Company: Shenzhen Huianyi Technology Co., Ltd. 
Range Category: Traffic Video Surveillance,Car networking Intelligent Terminal
Products info:4G real-time monitoring products, H265 new 1080P HD car video products, used in: bus, long-distance bus, van, logistics vehicles, dangerous goods transport vehicles, mixers, armored cars, school buses, trains, boat parking, high-speed rail and other vehicle monitoring product.
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Contact address: Building B,3,Xuming Industrial Park,Bell Westem Road, Bangtian Subdistrict,Longgang District,Shengzhen City,Guangdong Province,China
company phone: 0755-36692705
Company Introduction:
The company mainly \"car video recorder\", supplemented by other peripheral products, professional R & D and manufacture of vehicle video surveillance products, to provide our clients with a relatively perfect one-stop vehicle monitoring expert procurement services.
H265, the new 1080P, high quality, low memory, spike 720P, program manufacturer, direct sales
Build 1080P Car 4G Full HD Netcom Car Monitor System
4G supports department 808 protocol, 1078 protocol, and supports dual IP at the same time
With HDMI high-definition output, 2 million high-definition input 1080P host, the lowest price in the line, only with the dealer dealership customers
Car monitoring system products are all independently developed and produced by the company. Both hardware and software are better than similar products in the market, and full technical installation guidance, one-year warranty after-sales, so that you worry about after-sales
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