Company: ShenZhen Babelstar Technology Co.,Ltd.
Range Category: Traffic Video Surveillance,Traffic Information Collection,Intelligent Parking Management,Vehicle Identification Number recognition system,Intelligent electronic license,Traffic Signal Control,Road Traffic Emergency Command,Traffic information Release,Car networking Intelligent Terminal,Car networking Communications Technology,Beidou Terminal and Chip,GPS Terminal and Chip,LBS Navigation Equipment,Electronic map,Data Analysis and Management,Scheduling Management Platform,Traffic signs,Warning and alarm device,Police enforcement vehicles,Mobile Law Enforcement Terminal,Speedometer,Electronic Toll Collection,Weight charge system,Overrun Detection System,Networking Charges Management,ITS Technological Achievements of Universities and Research Institutes,Police Equipment
Products info:CMSV6 - intelligent vehicle video monitoring platform CMSV7 - School Bus monitoring system solution CMSV9 - Law enforcement dispatch platform
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company phone: 0769-28823367
Company Introduction:
Shenzhen Babelstar Inc., with GPS, wireless audio and video technology, video of cloud storage technology research and development as the core technology, provide a platform for positioning, wireless video terminal service, the company has the industry\'s leading core technology and independent research and development ability.Has led the world of video surveillance technology covers the vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder, individual video recorder, network cameras, video integrated platform running recorder and other products.Mature platform products are car video monitoring platform, the car networking platform, mobile broadcast platform, personnel positioning platform, etc.