Range Category: Traffic Video Surveillance
Products info:Backup rear view, car monitor, reversing camera, digital visual reversing radar, car monitoring
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company phone: 020-22943787
Company Introduction:
Guangzhou Yuhong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of R&D, production and sales of automotive rear vision systems, reverse rear vision systems, automotive GPS navigation rear vision systems, vehicle-mounted monitoring systems, engineering vehicle blind area monitoring systems, reversing cameras, vehicle-mounted displays and other automotive safety. Electronic products are one of the private high-tech enterprises. After many years of R&D and innovation, the company has launched the AHD million HD reverse rear view system, the engineering vehicle blind area monitoring rear view system, the 24V intelligent reverse monitoring system, created a precedent for the industry, leading the industry. Has been imitated, has never been surpassed. Products are widely used in passenger cars, trucks, cars, special vehicles, engineering machinery vehicles, agricultural vehicles, security escort vehicles, Fire-fighting vehicles, rail vehicles and other fields. Products are exported in large quantities,