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Products info:Locating oil consumption one, capacitor oil sensor, ultrasonic oil level detector, etc
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Shenzhen 晫 ladies technology co., LTD. Is a focus on provide case fuel management products and comprehensive solutions for high-tech enterprises. Products cover: positioning consumption all-in-one, capacitive oil level sensor, fuel consumption meter, ultrasonic oil level detector, flowmeter magnetostrictive fuel testing equipment such as oil level sensor; The BDS unit, OBD, GPS location terminal, super long standby, 3G / 4G video machine, etc. Positive and reverse rotation, camera, door magnetic switch, temperature sensor, tire pressure sensor, load sensor, etc.
Products are widely used in domestic and exported to southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East and other regions, products through the use of different environment, conditions, and various application requirements of strict test and test, proved that our product performance is stable, leading technology, strong adaptability, completely is the industry leading level.
The company also provides complete industry professional solutions for different industries. Especially in the freight vehicle comprehensive management, sanitation vehicle operation management, bituminous concrete vehicle scheduling management, car trip time statistics, fuel and gas oil residue has mature technology and rich management experience.
Energy problem in the future for a long time is still a wide range of social problems, we must not only be constantly looking for new alternative energy, more effective and reasonable use of existing energy, south measuring instrument will have been continuously explore in the field of energy efficient use of management innovation, provide more convenient and effective management solutions for the society.