Company: Beijing Wintone Science & Technology Corporation Ltd.
Range Category: Traffic Video Surveillance,Traffic Information Collection,Intelligent Parking Management,Vehicle Identification Number recognition system,Mobile Law Enforcement Terminal
Products info:Wintone Number plate recognition products
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company phone: 010-62800286
Company Introduction:
Wintone is the world’s leading developer and provider of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technologies and products in different fields. After these years of exploration and development, we’ve mainly focused on providing diversified customizable solutions for the challenges arising from the different needs between different industries. Also, we have owned multi-branch companies all over the country after years of exploration and development in the information technology service area.

Through a long-term cooperation with Tsinghua University, TsingHua-OCR (TH-OCR) technology, as the key technology research results of the “863 high-tech plan”, has successfully applied in the different industrial production by Wintone, which truly accomplished a perfect combination between TH-OCR technology and the application of market.

For years of innovation and development continuously, TH-OCR technology, as Wintone’s core technology, have been developed a diverse array of Wintone’s own products in different fields, including Asian languages recognition (Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc.), Handwriting recognition, Passport/ID Reader, Automatic Number Plate recognition system Two-Dimensional Barcode recognition, FormProcessor, and InvoiceProcessor, which are built on multi-platforms (Windows, Linux, Android, IOS, and Embedded system) development. As a leading technology enterprise, we have been committed to different industries with Finance, Insurance, Intelligent Transportation industry, Tax institutions, Public Security, Government agencies and so on. Now, Wintone has obtained over 40 the software copyrights and patents, and also was awarded ISO9000 Certification.

Wintone has not only advocated talent-oriented idea, but also bought in the specialized management system. Meanwhile, the rapid development of Wintone’s diversification enabled it to penetrate effectively and efficiently to towards global market, whatever Chinese or overseas enterprises, our information technology in the field of \\\'OCR\\\' has penetrated into different industries or sectors in the fast-changing environment.