Company: Beijing Deep Glint Technology Limited
Range Category: Traffic Video Surveillance,Traffic Information Collection,Vehicle Identification Number recognition system,Data Analysis and Management
Products info:Weimu
Booth Number: B062
Contact address:
company phone: 010-82556599
Company Introduction:
DeepGlint commercializes 3D computer vision and deep learning technologies. Its proprietary DeepGlint Technolog is world-leading in the detection, tracking and recognition of humans and vehicles. Currently, DeepGlint has launched disruptively innovative products, Haomu Behavior Analysis System and Weimu Vehicle Features Recognition System, for the fields of security surveillance and intelligent traffic.

DeeGlint received seed funding from ZhenFund and Ce Yuan Ventures, and series B from Sequoia Capital. The company now is one of the most influential startups in artificial intelligence. It made the first stop on the June 2014 China visit of Bill Gates.