Company: Peak Points Technology Co.,Ltd
Range Category: Beidou Terminal and Chip,GPS Terminal and Chip,LBS Navigation Equipment,Electronic map,Police enforcement vehicles
Products info:XD-R3001 GPS Tracker XD-R3001 multi-function locater.
Booth Number: C006
Contact address: 2nd Floor, Block 1, Innovative Technology Center, Huatai Road South, Sandong Town, Huizhou, PRC
company phone: 0752-2598221
Company Introduction:
Peak Points Technology targets on global satellite positioning technology research and development, positioning system design and positioning device production and sales.
Year 2014, Peak Points Technology granted “Huizhou’s Talent Recruitment Program (Swan Project)” funding. The company cofounder Dr. Everett Wang granted “Huizhou’s Talent Leadership” award, since the company holds the core algorithm of satellite positioning, receiver hardware design can achieve the best level of global standard.
“Star Spot” Satellite Precision Positioning System was designed by Peak Points Technology, and that is the first positioning system that composite of 3 type technologies: differential position, differential pseudo-range and differential carrier phase. It acquires BDS and GPS satellites signal and supports around 3 meters, less than 1 meter and even up to centimeter precision positioning services for different type of customers. For those other positioning devices that don’t supported by “Star Spot”, can only achieve around 10 meters deviation of positioning.
Peak Points Technology already applied 2 International Invention Patents, 4 Domestic Invention Patents and 2 of that have been granted. Company has applied 12 Software Copyright and 6 of that have been granted.