Company: Shenzhen Ninestar Intelligent Avia Tect Co.,Ltd
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Products info:Quad-rotor UAV、 Hex-rotor UAV、 Four-axis octo-rotor UAV
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company phone: 0755-66634738
Company Introduction:
Shenzhen Nine Intelligent Aviation Technology Limited Company is a high-tech private enterprise devoted to the development of UAV industry-applicable core technology and the business integration of research and development, production and sales. Different from those traditional aeromodelling integrated enterprises, our company, whose UAV technology originates from electric manned aircraft technology, was one of the earliest participants in domestic electric UAV projects. Our technical team has been constantly introducing, developing and promoting the application of electric UAV and multi-rotor UAV products for clients such as government public security agencies, armed police, electric power industry and other organizations since 2006. In June, 2006, through system reform, expansion and reorganization, the enterprise renamed itself and incorporated anew in the Pingshan New District of Shenzhen Municipality.

Our company, with a registered capital of 100 million RMB, owns some of the most advanced production equipment in China, such as injection molding, paint spraying and assembly facilities located in an industrial park covering an area of 20,000 km2, a total staff of 230 personnel, as well as several advanced laboratories.

By virtue of more than a decade of continuous technological innovation, experience and market accumulation and talent acquisition, including PhD and MSc graduates from famous universities, such as NUDT (National University of Defense Technology), NPU (Northwestern Polytechnic University) and NUAA (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), our company has built an experienced and professional research and development team, with a sound operation and management mechanism. We dedicate ourselves to the continuous innovation of advanced and practical UAV technology; the development, design, manufacture and sale of multi-rotor aircraft; and the application technology of special equipment as well. Meanwhile, we offer safe and reliable products of high quality, as well as services including technical consulting and training.