Company: HOTU Techology Co.,Ltd
Range Category: Car networking Intelligent Terminal,Beidou Terminal and Chip,Electronic map,Data Analysis and Management,Mobile Law Enforcement Terminal
Products info:主要产品包括车载监控终端设备:HT-6605系列、HT-6700系列、HT-Q系列、HT-A系列:执法录像设备:HT-5000系列;4G移动车载视频综合管理软件平台。产品具有高性能、高品质、高性价比的特点。产品已成功应用在全球30多个国家和地区的公共交通、运输、司法、电信、公安等相关领域。
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company phone: 0755-82669803
Company Introduction:
Hotu (China) Technology Company Limited is a professional high-tech enterprise for the development, production and sales of car video recorders, which is currently the best manufacturer specializing in the production of car video recorder in China. The product series is complete, and the quality shocks the industry.
At present SD Card Mobile DVR of our company are widely used in a large number of transportation companies in China, and we have won a good reputation and achieved many successful cases.