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ZECN to the industry caused by China Jinan Electronics Co., Ltd. is a registered trademark, is caused by the electronic industry's global strategy an important symbol, ZECN international abbreviation, ZECN to the industry for China's official website.
ZECN to the industry in China was established in 2008 with a registered capital of 30 million, has received 30 patents certificate which includes two patents, is a national high-tech enterprise, double soft certification enterprises; national authority recognized by AAA corporate credit rating The company through GB / T19001-2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001-2004 environmental quality system certification, GB / T2800-2011 occupational health and Safety Management system Certification
ZECN Chinese Ministry of Public Security to the industry "single police enforcement audio recorder management system general technical requirements" industry standard "single police enforcement audio recorder" revised industry standards, "one police enforcement audio recorder Data Interface Specification" industry standard three standard primary drafter
Our products have been sold all over China, recognized throughout the law enforcement agencies and exported to international markets: Thailand, the United States, Japan, Australia, India, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ghana and other countries
ZECN to the industry of China is the industry's leading enterprise for police, law enforcement recorder is recommended MPS qualified product list first enterprise; the company's law enforcement recorder product is the industry's first line of the subject by the Ministry of Public Security products; ZECN China has become the industry to the industry benchmark for innovation and development of enterprises, with a large number of patents, developed a more sophisticated new products, continued to lead the industry forward fast
ZECN to the industry is a comprehensive development of Chinese enterprises, focus on improving the overall strength of the formation of a solid work / stick / innovative corporate culture, focusing on the global market, and climb the peak technology. Parallel implementation of software and hardware development strategy: the hardware: the development of a standard machine, medium-sized machine, minicomputer series of high-end law enforcement recorder, law enforcement recorder data acquisition station, portable terminal Beidou Beidou positioning shoulder folders, etc.; software: the development of a global GPS / Beidou system, on-site law enforcement management system, 3G / 4G mobile Internet police image transmission systems and other large software application platform, in the public security system has been widely used and recognized
ZECN support to the industry is inseparable from China's development and growth of the community, in your encouragement and support, ZECN China to the industry from China to the world, to show the world China innovative companies in Seattle
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