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Products info:High-end Tracker Tracker with Driving Recorder Vehicle Tracker
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Company Introduction:
CHINAGPS Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen) was established in 1999. As a leader of telematics and automotive field in China, CHINAGPS is specialized in telematics and automotive intelligentized products development, manufacturing and sales, and also provides telematics TSP service.
In telematic filed, CHINAGPS provides telematic products and TSP service to private car users and industrial users.
In private car products, CHINAGPS provides intelligent security terminal, intelligent information and entertainment system, smart phone application (APP) and other products. With more than 1000 staff call service center and service networks locating in more than 300 cities, CHINAGPS can provide security, navigation, orientation, traffic in time, remote control, value-added services and other on-line services for the clients.
In industry products, with years’ experience, CHINAGPS provides 6 fields solution including bus, taxi, police, rental, freight, solutions for passenger car and dangerous goods transport vehicles. With these solutions, they can help clients protect their properties, optimize the working process, improve the operation efficiency and reducing the operation cost.
In automobile intelligent filed, CHINAGPS has been dedicated to information entertainment system, telematic solutions (T-Box, APP, cloud platform software, TSP service), BCM, 360 surround system, ADAS (advanced driver assistance system), BMS (battery management system), WiFi mode, automatic air conditional controller, DCU (door control module), RKE (remote keyless entry), pneumatic control module, vehicle traveling data and other products and techniques’ applications and developments.
CHINAGPS holds “auto connecting the world”, regarding technology innovation as the first impetus. CHINAGPS is the “Guang dong Advantageous Enterprise of Intellectual Property”, ‘Guang dong Demonstration Enterprise of Intellectual Property”, ‘Shen zhen Demonstration Enterprise of Intellectual Property”, “President Unit of Shen zhen Vehicle networking Patent Alliance”. So far, CHINAGPS has acquired 188 patents, which including 72 invention patents. And one of them has been awarded as national invention patent in 2014.
CHINAGPS landed successfully in National Equities Exchange and Quotations for better development, with its platform sources.
CHINAGPS is an enterprise withholding great ideal in Telematics products, vehicle networking products and vehicle online service field. Though we deeply know there is serious competition in the world, we always get to believe that only by true methods and hard working, could we definitely touch our goal and make it come.