Company: Bellon Technology Corporation
Range Category: Traffic Video Surveillance,Traffic Information Collection,Intelligent electronic license
Products info:1.The revolutionary ITS solution: Electronic License Plates (or Electronic Vehicle Registration, EVR) 2.The ultimate all-around software package for above application. 3.Slimmest and smallest EVR tags, most advanced UHF reader
Booth Number: D096
Contact address: 9F of Post and telecommunications designing building, 58 East Street of Nanxi river,Nanjing, P.R.China
company phone: 025-84657716
Company Introduction:
Bellon Technology is a high technology company combinates with Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) research,Product development and sales.
After many years of fast growing, the company now has a team composed of world\'s leading experts in the field of radio frequency and microwave technology. In 2014,Bellon Technology received further capital injection from China Transinfo group co., LTD(stock code: 002373),which is China\'s one of the largest public-trading company in the field of intelligent transportation system integration.Bellon Technology has now become one of the most admired IOTcompanies in the industry,with many RFID appllications to intelligent city, intelligent traffic, ERI and etc.