Company: FIRS Technologies(ShenZhen)Co.,Ltd.
Range Category: Traffic Video Surveillance,Intelligent Parking Management
Products info:Video Monitoring, Overload Detection, People Counting, Fatigue Driving Detection, Face Capture
Booth Number: 8B47
Contact address:
company phone: 0755-83590199
Company Introduction:
Established in August of 2007, FIRS Technologies (Shenzhen) is a Chinese manufacturer of high tech devices that also provides advanced intelligent vision system solutions for clients.
As a nationally renowned high tech enterprise, our research and development facilities are considered to be world class. We have a very tech sawy team specialized in the research of core technologies associated with image analysis, facial recognition, and IOT (Internet of Things) security applications. FIRS Technologies is an advocate of independent innovation and strives to implement new ideas into practical industrial applications. We are in the business of captivating creative ideas, implementing these ideas into physical manifestations, and then changing the way the world thinks with these new and innovative products. Our company has already made notable contributions to facial recognition, intelligent video analysis, and IT technology. FIRS Technologies is also actively investing in the development of security and protection systems for our various software suites. As a testament to our steady progress, we can currently account for nearly one hundred independent intellectual properties and patens for invention.
Through the implementation of a rigid quota management system and the standardization of our existing working system, we are able to effectively control costs during production. Our establishment of the quota picking system ensures effective control over material costs as well as fuel and power expenditures. The adoption of a contract system brings time and manufacturing expenses under strict regulation. A standardized working system is an essential part of our company infrastructure, since it can rationalize and normalize all production and operating activities while effectively allocating management tasks to efficiently control expenses.