Company: BOCOM Smart Network Technologies Inc.
Range Category: Traffic Video Surveillance,Intelligent electronic license,Road Traffic Emergency Command,Data Analysis and Management
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Booth Number: B057
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company phone: 021-33637763
Company Introduction:
BOCOM Smart Network Technologies is the leading sensor network technology provider in China, customers are from various fields which including public security, urban traffic control and public bus management etc.For years B0C0M Smart Network Technologies has successfully served a serious of national key projects and events such as the ceremony of Hong Kong’s return to mainland of China, 2001 APEC Summits, 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2010 Shanghai World Expo etc.
Led by company’s founder and CEO Mr. Zhang Tao, a young and passionate team has developed a serious of key technologies and products, its BVx systems, storage of SD/HD images and HD video-based intelligent monitoring systems etc. has been proved as the best professional solutions to its customers. Its consistent pursuit of technology innovation will enable the company reach to a higher technology position in the age of Internet of Things.
With its rapid growth in China market, BOCOM Smart Network Technologies has been driving great attention from international and local investors, investments from Intel Capital and from key local investors in 2011 will strongly support BOCOM Smart Network Technologies business to reach a higher market share position in China and potentially expand its business in other countries.

Headquarter based in Shanghai, China, BOCOM Smart Network Technologies has its branch companies and offices located in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other tier one cities, more than 5 offices will be established in other key cities of China in year 2012, BOCOM Smart Network Technologies currently has more than 400 employees served in R&D, sales, customer service, finance and other professional functions.