Company: HITE Traffic Technology,Inc.
Range Category: Traffic Video Surveillance,Traffic Information Collection,Intelligent Parking Management,Vehicle Identification Number recognition system,Intelligent electronic license,Road Traffic Emergency Command,Data Analysis and Management
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company phone: 0755-25188788-809
Company Introduction:
SZHENZHEN HITE TRAFFIC ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is the first national high-tech enterprise and shenzhen software enterprise engaged in key technology research and product development of intelligent transportation system. Once undertook the national science and technology department \"95\" key science and technology breakthrough project.
HITE services in the field of intelligent transportation system (ITS), is committed to ITS basic information equipment technology research and development, product design, production and sales, provide ITS builders, users, managers with advanced technology, stable performance, use and reliable products and ITS related information system solutions.
The main business of the company is the traffic information detection equipment and traffic safety detection and recording equipment in the intelligent transportation system, and on this basis, it provides users with intelligent traffic management solutions. The company\'s core product integrates mature and advanced intelligent transportation theory and technology at home and abroad, and is in the leading position in China. The main products and systems include:
1. HITE \"ping an 1\" - traffic violation information detection system (not wearing seat belt violation detection system);
2. A variety of traffic information extraction software system based on image;
3. Video traffic information acquisition equipment;
4. Video traffic event detector;
5. Coil vehicle detector;
6. Coil piezoelectric combined traffic volume survey equipment;
The company insists on independent innovation and attaches importance to brand building, and has many national invention patents, utility model patents and software Copyrights.
Company by means of scientific and technological innovation, product quality as the core, take the good faith management as fundamental, wholeheartedly for the customer service, keep pace with The Times, blaze new trails, the pursuit of excellence, for the analysis of traffic data and intelligence applications to provide high quality data sources.

Company address: 201-b, 2 / f, buk science and technology building, no.9, scientific research road, high-tech zone, nanshan district, shenzhen.
Company telephone:0755-25188788