►NDRC(National Development and Reform Committee), Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Public Security, and MOST(Ministry of Science and Technology) China four ministries, as well as government departments of transport, public security police, science & technology and planning from 20 provinces and cities (autonomous regions) will attend the Expo.
►Delegations from more than 20 countries and regions will attend the Expo, including USA, Korea, Japan, France,Germany, Russia, Austria, Italy, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Singapore, India, Israel, Lithuania, Bahrein Islands, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

“Shenzhen International ITS Expo is a very professional, and large-scale expo among the other ITS Expos."                          
Hao Zhang
Vice President of China Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Transport
“Shenzhen ITS & LBS is a highly specialized, large-scaled, high-level, rich in content industrial fair. Seagate Technology have achieved good results through actively participating in the event. I hope to have a deeper and broader cooperation in next year's exhibition in intelligent transportation industry.
Dan Sun
President of Seagate Technology Cor China
“Shenzhen International ITS&LBS expo and related forums highly targeted at the industry, business and the market. Great work!”                
Sihai Zhang
Deputy general manager of Hisense Trans Tech Co., Ltd.
 Enhancing popularity, gathering ideas, cooperating a brighter future, serving the people.”                                                                   
Yanshun Jiang
Road safety experts
“This expo is the cutting edge platform for location-based services information communication. Meanwhile, it is the great way to promote high-end innovative information product application.”                       
Professor Huapu Lu
Director of Intelligent Transportation Research Institute of Tsinghua University