Exhibition Information

Date:Sep 13-15, 2020 (Annually)
Venue:Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (Hall 5 ), China
Exhibition Area:7500m2
Exhibitor:Over 200 exhibitors
Visitor:Over 10000 professional visitors

Current Events
1. The 17th International Urban ITS Forum China

2. Road Traffic Safety Forum 2020
3.The 15th China Satellite Navigation Operators Conference on GNSS & LBS and 5G+ Smart Networking Summit 2020
4.The 8th China Cloud Parking Industry Development Forum
5. Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Smart Rail Transit Innovation Development Summit


Exhibit Scope:



Urban Intelligent Transportation System

Traffic Video Monitoring, Traffic Information Collection,Smart Parking Manage System, Electronic License Plate, Traffic Signal Control, Road Traffic Emergency Command,Advanced Traveler Information System, and etc.


GNSS and LBS (Global Positioning System &Location-based Service)

Beidou Terminal and Chip, GNSS Terminal and Chip, LBS Device, Electronic Maps, Data Analyze and Manage,Dispatching and Management Platform and etc.


Expressway Informatization

Expressway Video Monitoring, Automatic Incidents Detection,ETC, Weight Charge System, Overloads Detecting System, Expressway Network Toll Collection System (Driveway,Station, Center) and etc.


Traffic Information Service and IOV

Traffic Information Publishing, Traffic APP, Traffic Big Data Mining and Application, IOV Smart Terminals,IOV Communication Technology, IOV Solution and etc.


Road Traffic Safety

Intersection Traffic Lights Control Systems,Traffic Violations and Offense Detection,Intelligent Control Traffic Police Big Data,Single Police Equipment,Traffic Indication Signs, Attention and Warning Device, Police Law Enforcement Vehicles, Mobile Terminal for Law Enforcement, Speedometer, Alcometer, Alcometer, Drug Detector,and etc.


ITS Achievements

The Latest ITS Technology achievement of Tertiary Institutions and Research Institutes.

Booth Fee

Exhibition Hall

9m2(3m×3m)Standard Booth

9m2(3m×3m)Raw Space

Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (Hall 5)
$1600 $1500

Turban exhibition uses 9m2 of standard booths. including three panels, two chairs, two spotlights, a 220V / 10A power supply, carpet and Fascia board.
Raw place is not equipped with any device.
The registration deadline is Aug 20, 2020. The organizer is responsible for the unified overall layout of the exhibition hall while the exhibitor is responsible for the inside arrangement of the booth. For other services, please refer to the Exhibitor Manual.
Please ask the organizers committee for the floor plan and exhibitors manual. More information please visit: www.its-expo.com


Package of standard booth