Guided by the Technology Division of Ministry of Transport of PRC , supported by Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport, organized by GNSS & LBS Association of China and Intelligent Transportation Industry Association of Shenzhen, Undertaken by Shenzhen CPSE Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shenzhen International ITS and LBS Expo 2016 is the largest professional intelligent transportation industrial expo in Asia. Also, it has become China's largest ITS related industrial exhibition due to its strong professionalization, internationalization as well as numerous professional visitors and enterprises, which highlighting the brand value of a successful fair.

Over the years, ITS & LBS expo provide a great communication platform for intelligent transportation construction and operating units, well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers, integrator, information, planning and design institutes as well as government agencies, in order to promote the achievements and project cooperation. As the most influence industrial exhibition, ITS &LS expo not only accelerating the development of intelligent transportation technology but also stimulating the development of ITS industry and talent exchanges.

A comprehensive platform demonstrating the lastest developments on devices regarding intelligent transportation, with a focus on system integrating and organization.
Showing the cutting-edge technologies, providing a boost to the transformation on theories and technologies and the merging of manufacturing and R&D being a emphasized point.
Delegations of professional buyers will sign sourcing contracts on the field, showing the significance and influence in terms of the economy within the whole area.
ITS summits, forums and meetings of a high-level being during the whole process and experts and specialists from both China and other countries getting together, discussing the route map for this realm.